XCVS - a web-based CVS tracking tool

Jun Sun


Xcvs is a web-based CVS tracking tool. Each commit (check-in) to a CVS repository is viewed as one logical, coherent changeset. The web interface allows one to query changesets by branch, authors, dates, and etc. and view the content of each change as a patch file.

What is new:

  • [081025] Beta v0.2.2 is released. Download it from the project page.
  • If you are using xcvs, please send me a link to your site.

Here are some links:

  • If you have any questions, please ask in the xcvs-devel mailing list. You can sign up the mailing list at here.

    We have settled with the name - XCVS

    I originally named it as xcvs really out of desparation, because I could not find anything that was suitable. Now I think the name is just fine: XCVS stands for "Xplore CVS"!

    We need your help!

    • Join the xcvs-devel mailing list.
    • Check out the TODO file from the CVS tree.

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